Mentoring Program

mentoringOur mentoring program strives to share the knowledge that furthers the professional growth and success of both our mentors and our participants. We address behavior issues that need to be changed, improved or removed through our successful coaching approach. As a member of the Care Givers Choice and Mentor One programs, we are able to mentor children of prisoners and other community youths in Broward County.

Mentoring Children of Prisoners: Caregiver’s Choice helps children faced with the challenge of having an incarcerated parent get mentors. Mentoring benefits both children and their families. For example, mentors can provide an objective ear and support as children struggle with their parents’ incarceration. When children spend time with mentors, it can also open up free time for the child’s caregiver or parent.

Our mentors are devoted! The expectations of our mentors for our mentees are extremely high! All of our mentors are volunteers and have been mentored to be the best version of themselves. For years we have created a healthy mentoring environment and strive to be best through effective measurable outcomes. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship of trust!